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NominationUnitMin. partyPrice for 1 unit of prepayment (tenge)Price for 1 unit of consignment (tenge)
1.Polyphyto composed oil «Kyzyl may»30 ml50 fl.437.00447.00
2.Polyphyto composed oil «Kyzyl may»50 ml50 fl.467.00477.00
3.Polyphyto composed oil «Kyzyl may»100 ml25 fl.733.00743.00
4.Shukur May polyphyto composed oil50 ml50 fl.435.004450.00
5.Shukur May polyphyto composed oil100 ml25 fl.665.00675.00
6.Licorice oil, oil extract50 ml50 fl.405.00415.00
7.Licorice oil, oil extract100 ml25 fl.605.00615.00
8.Burdock oil, oil extract50 ml50 fl.405.00415.00
9.Burdock oil, oil extract100 ml25 fl.605.00615.00
10.Nettle oil, oil extract50 ml50 fl.405.00415.00
11.Nettle oil, oil extract100 ml25 fl.605.00615.00
12.Suppositories «Kyzyl may»pkg48 pkg.770.00780.00
13.Suppositories «Kyzyl may» with propolispkg48 pkg.798.00808.00
14.Sandthorn with Kyzyl may suppositoriespkg48 pkg.798.00808.00
15.Burdock oil100 ml24 fl.420.00430.00
16.Burdock oil with chamomile extract100 ml24 fl.440.00450.00
17.Burdock oil with nettle extract100 ml24 fl.440.00450.00
18.Burdock oil with «Kyzyl may»100 ml24 fl.470.00480.00
19.Burdock oil with red hot pepper extract100 ml24 fl.470.00480.00
20.Honey with rose hips300 gr24 ban.800.00810.00
21.Honey with living vitamins300 gr24 ban.800.00810.00
22.Honey with plantain300 gr24 ban.800.00810.00
23.Honey with hypericum300 gr24 ban.800.00810.00
24.Honey with pantocrine300 gr24 ban.810.00820.00
25.Honey with propolis300 gr24 ban.810.00820.00
Herbal tea multicomponent
26.Herbal tea «Vitaminka»30 gr50 pkg.350.00360.00
27.Herbal tea «Gynecological» 30 gr50 pkg.350.00360.00
28.Herbal tea «Cardiovascular»30 gr50 pkg.350.00360.00
29.Herbal tea «Sedative»30 gr50 pkg.350.00360.00
30.Herbal tea «Immune stimulating»30 gr50 pkg.360.00370.00
31.Herbal tea nephritic «Charodeyushka»30 gr50 pkg.380.00390.00
32.Herbal tea choleretic «Vorozheyushka»30 gr50 pkg.380.00390.00
33.Herbal tea «Pohudeyka»30 gr50 pkg.390.00400.00
34.Herbal tea «Pohudeyka»60 gr50 pkg.420.00430.00
35.Herbal tea «For Chest»30 gr50 pkg.
36.Herbal tea «Gastrointestinal»30 gr50 pkg.
37.Herbal-tea «Antidiabetic»30 gr50 pkg.
38.Herbal tea «Vessel cleaning»30 gr50 pkg.
Herbal tea single-component
39.Herbal tea «Calendula»30 gr50 pkg.340.00350.00
40.Herbal tea «Senna leaf»30 gr50 pkg.340.00350.00
41.Herbal tea «Mint»30 gr50 pkg.340.00350.00
42.Herbal tea «Melissa»30 gr50 pkg.340.00350.00
43.Herbal tea «Nettle»30 gr50 pkg.340.00350.00
44.Herbal tea «Brier»30 gr50 pkg.340.00350.00
45.Herbal tea «Hawthorn»30 gr50 pkg.340.00350.00
46.Herbal tea «Chamomile»30 gr50 pkg.370.00380.00