Fitoleum Kyzyl may

LLP “FitOleum” is a pharmaceutical company, which stood at the origins of the development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry in the independent Republic of Kazakhstan.

Our company activity reflects our motto: “Wise nature created the recipe”. Using the centuries-old experience of traditional medical product, the latest technology and achievements of the modern science, we offer a 100% natural herbal medical products based on natural raw materials harvested in environmentally friendly regions of Zailiyskiy Ala Tau and on our own plantations. We try to use original technology – all received from Mother Nature – with maximum efficiency for the health of our consumers and do not accept preservatives or dyes.

The most known and popular LLP “FitOleum” medical products: polyherbal oil “Kyzyl may”, suppositories “Kyzyl may” and suppositories “Kyzyl may” with propolis”, biologically active additives (herbal teas and choice of honey), cosmetics (burdock oil).

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Time-honored quality! 26 years at pharmaceutical market!

Quality of products is certified:

  • GMP «Good Manufacturing Practice”
  • HACCP ISO 22000-2006 “Reqiurements for Food Safety Management”
  • ISO 9001-2016 ” Quality Management Systems. Requirements “


Our address:
  • Dear customers, we are informing you, that in 2016 we changed the packaging of multiherbal oil «Kyzyl may».
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  • The Victory Day action by FitOleum! Dear Veterans of the Great Patriotic War we would like to present you a gift with multiherbal oil “Kyzylmay”, multiherbal oil “Shukir May” and phyto-tea ” Vitamin”.
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  • LLP «FitOleum» is one of the first domestic manufacturers that obtained termless license for the original medicinal product – «Kyzyl May» multyherbal oil
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  • 2015 year – implementation of the standard HACCP «Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point». Requirements for all organisations in the chain of production and consumption of food products”.
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  • September 25, 2015was the day of official ceremony to open the 12th Kazakh International Public Health Exhibition Astana Zdorovie 2015 under officials and medicinal community participation.
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