The course participants for self-control and self-regulation of diabetes of the 1st type, Almaty

The course participants of daily and active, particular and practical self-control and self-regulation of diabetes of the 1st type express You many thanks for the medicinal product “Kyzyl May”.

Taking it from the beginning (for over 10 years) as general tonic, vitamin product, gradually became clear, one more property of great importance “Kyzyl May” doing it almost indispensable and daily necessary in complex therapy, of such disease as diabetes of the 1st type. As follows: based on daily 7-10 times of blood sugar level measuring and comparing them, including, with acceptance of “Kyzyl May”, there were discovered its blood sugar lowering effect. In our practice, the medication became the rule stable in blood sugar self-regulation on a level with insulin and physical activities (of course under circumstances substituting them). Especially we emphasize that this effect was established far not at once, but gradually by evaluation path of the reasons of often appearing Hypoglycemia (On a basis of everyday self-control of the diabetic of the 1st type, there were compared 7-10 times sugar measuring, time of intake of insulin, meals, physical activities, psycho emotional, stressful states and other). Therefore is strongly forbidden the uncontrolled use of “Kyzyl May” for diabetics of the 1st type without obligatory professional consultation of the experts who precisely know how and how much of this product to accept, considering at that the peak and time of its action.

Best regards, course participants of practical self-regulation of diabetes of the 1st type.

Olga Alferova (Kapchagay, Almaty region)

I am so fascinated by polyherbal oil, a sensation balsam – Kyzyl May, that I don’t want to talk about it in prose. They, who were influenced by its properties, they will understand my poetic lines:

It was born in Altai,
Can’t damage a health,
I prefer “Kyzyl May”
to a foreign medical product,
You shouldn’t wait for diseases.
What’s the use of overcare?
To illnesses kind “Kyzyl May”
Will reliably stop the way.
And if you sometime
will pass a barrier of doubts,
you, elixir,
But not a medical product will find.

I wish to all kind people good health!

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Meruyert Dzhakubayeva (Zharkent, Taldykorgansky region)

I have already got a wide experience on the application of polyherbal oil “Kyzyl May” therefore I can share some information.

I often have a sore throat, angina. For treatment, I wind on the end of a stick with the piece of cotton, dip in “Kyzyl May” and anoint anygdala. It is necessary to anoint as far as possible to get. Anoint at half – hourly intervals within one day. Angina passes quickly. From dry eczema of the head and a hair loss once a week wash head with warm water and plentifully to anoint it with “Kyzyl May”. In fifteen minutes wash hair. Six procedures it is quite sufficient that the illness will pass.

By rheumatism treatment I recommend rub until dry “Kyzyl May” for the night.

It is better than any glycerin and creams will help to soften skin of hands.

Irina Kadyseva (Almaty), dentist about Kyzyl May

I want to tell that “Kyzyl May” has a lot of good healing qualities. But there is also one more it is good and very efficient medication of stomatitis. Some applications (no more than 4-5) on area of gingival tissues, oral cavity and you are healthy. Let it be in each family in medical product chest a bottle of this wonder – medical product.

Saule Sarsenbayeva (Almaty), doctor about Kyzyl May

In the period of virus epidemics our family put 2-3 drops of “Kyzyl May” nasally daily with the preventive purpose before time to go outdoors and after home – coming. It is very efficient. Well, and if somebody has bronchitis with painful cough, in an inhaler “Chamomile” (it is possible and in a teapot), we add 5-6 drops of oil: 2-3 inhalations – and cough become softer and more painless. It wasn’t a secret for us and the usage of polyherbal oil as cosmetic product, especially during common blackheads. The main thing is after usual clarification of skin systematically to anoint it with “Kyzyl May”, and you will see the results on a face. After the daughter’s birth I faced a problem of nursing mothers – cracked nipples. I began to anoint peeling areolas. As a result I obtained threefold effect: cracks were braced, the peeling disappeared, the feeding became painless. An additional point is that, when feeding the child receives let a pitiful dose of oil, but it benefits on its mucous: anti-inflammatory, bactericidal action. In addition, the child inhales the fumes of “Kyzyl May” from a breast skin surface and this “inhalation” is also good disease prevention, especially virus.

Natalya Sukhanova (Kapchagay, Almaty region) about Kyzyl May

Got “Kyzyl May” at the drugstore, I was amazed with its wonderful properties. First of all, I get rid of my gastritis. From blackheads that exhausted me for five years, there will be soon no remembrance and the skin became surprisingly smooth and gentle. The nails stop breaking. The result was just tremendous and then I began to spread on the oil on my exhausted hair decoloration. Now I can tell that “my hair look sparkle” as says one heroine of the known advertising clip.

To extend thanks this truly wonder – oil I wrote poems, that I am not the poet:

Free people lived somewhere in mountains,
Where only birds freely flied,
Where falls, gorges, landslides,
Where were raising free rocks.
People were called old believers,
They didn’t fight with other tribes.
All lived quietly, calm during that time
There wasn’t in souls odd rubbish.
The all people were healthy, it is known:
The Lord opened a longevity secret for them –
He ordered to collect medicinal plants to them in mountains,
But dressed them in mystery by the stringent secret…
That medical product was called “Kyzyl May”
And it was given to people to improve their health.