About company

LLP “Fitoleum” is a pharmaceutical company, which stood at the origins of the development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry in the independent Republic of Kazakhstan.

Our company activity reflects our motto: “Wise nature created the recipe”. Using the centuries-old experience of traditional medical product, the latest technology and achievements of the modern science, we offer a 100% natural herbal medical products based on natural raw materials harvested in environmentally friendly regions of Zailiyskiy Ala Tau and on our own plantations. We try to use original technology – all received from Mother Nature – with maximum efficiency for the health of our consumers and do not accept preservatives or dyes.

The most known and popular LLP “Fitoleum” medical products: polyherbal oil “Kyzyl may”, suppositories “Kyzyl may” and suppositories “Kyzyl may” with propolis”, biologically active additives (herbal teas and choice of honey), cosmetics (burdock oil).

The history of our company began in 1992. Two brothers Eugene and Vladimir Perepelitsa organized a company and the first commercial release was carried out at Almaty pharmaceutical factory.

The most famous product of “FitOleum” is a polyherbal oil “Kyzyl may” – the first original medical product registered in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

At present the plant produces more than 45 products, which are produced in accordance with:

  • GMP “Drug manufacturing. Good Manufacturing Practice”,
  • HACCP “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point”. Requirements for all organizations in the chain of production and consumption of food products”,
  • QMS ISO 9001-2009 “Quality Management System for the development, production and sales of drugs”.

Introduction of good practices and quality management system in “Fitoleum” guarantees a high quality and safety of products.

Over the years, we have gained high standing in the community; our company is trusted as a reliable partner in the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as in the countries of near abroad.

The company’s products of good quality were, are and will be aimed at the protection of human health.