A pharmacovigilance system of “FitOleum” LLP is operated in accordance with pharmaceutical quality system and company functions. The company focuses mainly on welfare and safety of our patients, as well as efficacy of medicinal preparations.

In case of adverse events (adverse reactions) of medicinal preparations of “FitOleum” LLP, as well as their inefficiency, you could contact us by the following ways:

  1. Give us a telephone call:
    8 (727) 327 49 07  (helpline, 24-hour-available)
    8 (727) 297 27 00 (automatic call answer)
  2. Fill out electronic form

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    • Send a letter to the Qualified person for pharmacovigilance of “FitOleum” LLP
      By e-mail: info@fitoleum.kz
      By post: 040400, Republic of Kazakhstan, Esik, Mametov st. 25

    Any information about adverse effects (adverse reactions) and a quality of preparations produced by “FitOleum” LLP is highly important to assess possible risks for patient health during the use of the medicines and minimize such risks.