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Fitoleum from Kazakhstan received its GMP certificate

An official ceremony marking the issuance of GMP certificate to Fitoleum, a pharmaceutical company from Kazakhstan, was held in the Pharmacy Committee of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Health.

According to applicable legal requirements, the compliance with GxP standards is currently mandatory in Kazakhstan. To create incentives for implementation of standards, the rules for procurement of medicinal products and medical devices provide for preferential treatment of companies that hold the certificate of good pharmaceutical practices.

Speaking at the ceremony marking the issuance of certificate, Lyudmila Byurabekova, Chairperson of the Pharmacy Committee of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Health, said that compliance with the standards would ensure the provision of safe and effective medicines to the public.

Read more: http://gov.kz/memleket/entities/dsm/press/news/details/kazahstanskaya-farmacevticheskaya-kompaniya-fitoleum-poluchila-sertifikat-gmp

«Казахстанская правда»

Guarding national health State Secretary of the Republic of Kazakhstan Gulshara Abdykaliyeva has held the meeting in Akord with public health professionals. Pharmaceutical field at the meeting was represented by Deputy Director “Fitoleum” LLP Olga Sermukhamedova.

Read more: http://www.kazpravda.kz/fresh/view/na-strazhe-zdorovya-natsii1/

«Фармацевтическое обозрение Казахстана»

“Fitoleum” pharmaceutical factory 23 years of Health protection and life quality service.

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«Фармацевтическое обозрение Казахстана»

“FitOleum” company at the 12th Kazakh International Public Health Exhibition AstanaZdorovie 2015.

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«Ковчег» newspaper by 17.08.1995

Before you stick your nose into the pan smear it with “Kyzyl may”.

«Доживем до понедельника» newspaper by 03.02.1995

“Kyzyl may” multycomposed oil is a medicinal miracle of Zhetisu.