The experience of treatment of superficial scalds on the face and neck by the polyherbal oil “Kyzyl May”®.

S. D. S. Sagatbayev, A. M. Zhaparov, G. B. Zaytenova, A. D. Sagatbayev.
Academic department of dental surgery (head professor Sagatbayev D. S.) in Kazakh Physicians’ Continuing Education Institute.

The burning injury is the most often found pathology and represents a serious medical, social and economic problem. The special worry is caused by burns on the face since, so there are followed by sharp pains, strong hypostasis of tissues, the expressed exudation, discontinuity of damage with formation of cosmetic defects and deformation of organs located on a face.

In spite of the fact that superficial scald on the face and neck don’t cause, generally, sweeping changes in an organism, they deserve specific attention among the injuries of a peace time.

In a search of the most efficient means for treatment of burns, including burns on the face and a neck, are offered various creams and antiinfectives. Thus all of them have both negative and positive sides.

Therefore, the search of new means for treatment of burns continues, in particular, recently “Kyzyl may” is applied to this purpose that represents the oily extract of herbs. In literature we didn’t meet the works showing its application at a public method of complex treatment of superficial burns on the face and necks.

We carried out the treatment by polyherbal oil in 35 patients with burns on the face and necks of the I and the II degrees. 29 patients had household burns, and at the others (6) production. There were 26 men, women – 9.

Till three o’clock from the moment of a trauma were admitted 27 people, within the first days – 5, after 2 days with the pyosis phenomena – 3.

The reason of a burn in 20 patients was the flame, at 9 – boiled water (burned with the steam), at 2 – chemical burn.

The treatment was carried out as follows: the burn surface was analgized by application of a wound of 0,5% by novocaine solution within 3-5 minutes. After that, by the standard practice, was made the sparing preprocessing of a burn surface. Thus the bubbles were cut at the basis and their contents were out. Scraps of tissues, foreign matters and unviable necrotizing rags were removed.

At the chemical burns got by cosmetic ointment were removed the remains from a skin surface carefully. For this purpose was used the Furacilin solution which is warmed up to 29-35 degrees Celsius. The primary operation in all cases came to the end with anointing of a burn surface with polyherbal oil. In the first three days the wound was processed twice, as the oil suction led to tissue tightening with unpleasure, in the next days passed to one-time processing.

The general treatment was carried out depending on indications and reduced to the general tonic. Everyone burned were taken prophylactic measures of tetanus intake of the corresponding serosity (Purified antitetanic serum).

In a day the burn surface was covered by a crust under which there were no inflammation signs. For the third and fourth day at the base quantity of the observable started to spring free the crusts under which bared pink fresh epithelium surfaces. There were no symptoms of suppuration of a post-burn surface, despite the lack of preventive antibiotics. Complete healing with rejection of crusts came in 5-6 days, i.e. for 2-3 days earlier, than at treatment by traditional medical products.

Thus, at a public method of treatment of superficial burns on the face and anterior surface of a neck by the medical product “Kyzyl may”, were not showed the signs of joining of a secondary infection, despite the lack of preventive antibiotics. The discharge of crusts with the epithelialization wound surface without rough hems occurred for 2-3 days earlier, than at application of traditional methods of treatment. Deeper burns should be treated with “Kyzyl may” medical product taking into account the ensuring penetration into depth of tissues where can develop the infectious process.

In view of the foregoing, polyherbal oil “Kyzyl may“ should be recommended, as high active reparative and antibacterial medical product at a treatment of burns on the face and neck.