The results of the application of Kyzyl May® polyherbal oil in radiation oncology practice.

S.S. Sadykov
Kazakh Research Institute of Oncology and Radiology.

Polyherbal oil was tested on the basis of Kazakh Research Institute of Oncology and Radiology in the department of clinical radiology. The medical product was applied within at least 4 months locally and per os for the prevention and reduction of radio lesions at the patients with the following cancer types:

  1. esophageal cancer – 16 people
  2. throat cancer – 18 people
  3. nasopharyngeal cancer – 4 people
  4. tongue cancer – 8 people
  5. tonsillar cancer – 9 people
  6. cervical cancer – 20 people
  7. sheath cancer – 4 people

in total 81 patients.

Polyherbal oil was prescribed per os in the dose of 1 tea spoon (0,5 table spoon) 2-3 times a day in case of radiation therapy of esophageal cancer, throat cancer and oral mucosa cancer. Simultaneously the available areas of mucosa were oiled 2-3 times per day. In case of radiation of gynecologic types of cancer, Polyherbal oil was used for lubrication and tamponing 2-3 times per day.

The results of experiment were compared to check groups of the patients taking antibacterial and anti-inflammatory medicines. It is well known that when carrying out radiation therapy without the application of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory medical products, and sometimes on their background, all the patients with the above mentioned cancer localization suffer local radio reactions in the form of different types of epithelitis.

Prescription of polyherbal oil for this category of patients allowed avoiding radioepithelitis of mouth mucous, esophagitis, colpitis, and endocervicitis. And in case of moderate epithelitis it allowed to stop it within 3-4 days.

The patients with esophageal and throat cancer with the signs of radioesophagitis marked the considerable augmentation: reduction or total disappearance of pains in esophagus, pharynx, mouth, and removal of burning sensation and normalization of swallowing in 3-4 days of polyherbal oil application.

In case of ray colpitis and endocervicitis direct lubrication of sheath and uterine cervix mucous and also application of oily tampons reduce or remove inflammation symptoms, itch and considerably reduce pain.

All the patients were taking oil with pleasure, marked its pleasant smell and taste. Side effects at the patients from the check group, who were taking polyherbal oil within 4 and more months, were not registered. On the background of polyherbal oil use there was no case of radiotherapy interruption because of radio reactions in the group of patients watched by us.
Thus, clinical tests of polyherbal oil showed the encouraging results that allows to recommend this medical product as the means for prevention and treatment of local radio reactions (epithelitis and dermatitis) in case of complex therapy of cancer.