Corn silk

Corn silk – it is well known that the corn has excellent gustatory quality along with beneficial properties. According to archaeological findings done in central Mexico, corn silk was used in medical practice at Yucatan Peninsula. Corn is an annual cereal plant, the silk of which can be used in therapeutic and preventive purposes. Corn silk (Lat. Stili et Stigmata Maydis), silky thread, light brown or yellowish. Corn silk grows on corn cobs, under top leaves and has light specific odor.

Corn silk contains protein, carbohydrates, B group, A, E, F, K vitamins, ascorbic and pantothenic acid, essential oils, glycosides, saponins, tannins. Of those trace substances available, let us emphasise selenium contains din corn silk, a substance which is necessary for everybody to normalize protein, carbohydrate, lipid metabolism, to maintain immune system.

Corn silk reduces blood sugar level. Due to its diuretic properties, it is effective as auxiliary medication in case suffering with kidney stones, and various kinds of edema. It is choleretic as corn silk facilitates bile dilution. This plant makes calming effect on central nervous system, assists to improve sleep and relieve nervous tension. Corn silk contributes to metabolism improvement and appetite suppression.