Immortelle is mentioned in the legends of India,ancient Greece, and ancient Rus. It was given its name as it has the property to stay bright color for the whole fall and even winter season, even when slipped. Everlasting belongs to Compositae or Asteraceae family. It is annual leucotrichous plant with upright stem branched at the base. Its leaves aresessile,linear-lanceolate, pointed, white-felted from downside. Flower calathids are single, dry, pink and purple. The berries are silky achenes. Its height is 10-30 cm.

Immortelle inflorescences contain flavonoid glycosides, flavonoids, C and K vitamins. Phthalides, essential oils, polyols, gums, steroidal compounds, colorants, inositol, tannin, fatty acids, mineral salts and trace elements, ash, carotene have been found ininflorescences.

Immortelle has strongly pronounced choleretic action. The herb has disinfecting, diuretic, hemostatic, antispasmodic action.