Melissa – heart pleasure. Melissa application has over 2000 years history, and it was always famous for its unique healing properties.

It is perennial ether oil herbaceous plant of Melissa genus, Lamiaceae family, highly branched stem of which reaches 30-70cm height.The leaves are opposite, stem is four-sided, the flowers are of the shape regular for salvia family, yellowish-white or pure white. It forms false whorls in upper leaves’ base.

Its major active ingredient is ether Melissa oil, composed of citronellal, citral, and caryophyllene, vitamin C, minerals and tannins, amarines, a bit of flavonoids. Melissa is used to cure stomach, liver, gall bladder conditions, to calm down in cardiac neuroses and as restorative and general tonic after colds and infectious diseases.

Melissa tea is helpful under nervousness and insomnia, has antispasmodic, analgesic, sedative, diuretic, carminative effect, improves digestion.Infusion Melissa slows breathing rate, lowers blood pressure. Melissa baths has excellent tonic and soothing effect.