Nettle – male potion. Nettle has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. It was called green boiling water, the fire-grass in Rus. They said that “it is cold, and burns people”. Historical data is available confirming nettle use as far back as in Bronze Age. With times passing It was also used as forage, dye fabric, yarns, fibers and even paper were made of it. The strongest sails were done of nettle fabric. Nettle harnesses along with silk was the core material to make samurai armor in Japan.

The nettle is herbaceous perennial plant of the urticaceae family, with square straight stem and opposite, ovate-lanceolate, coarsely of other leaves which are more or less heart-shaped in the base. The leaves and stem are strigose and fringes contain poisonous caustic moisture.

Stinging nettle contains glycosideurtitsin, vitamin C, K, Band B2 vitamins, carotene, tannin and alkaloid agents, chlorophyll, phylloquinone, pantothenic, silicon, formic, gallic acid, riboflavin, sugars, gums, phytoncides, choline, histamine, sitosterol, starch, proteins, trace substances(iron, copper, manganese, chromium), and wax.

Nettle is used as a wound-healing, diuretic, tonic, laxative, vitamins-filling, anticonvulsant, an expectorant, and as agent making beneficial effect on metabolism. Nettle medical products accelerate blood clotting process, increase hemoglobin level and red blood cells counting blood, improve metabolism, lower blood sugar, and are used in various internalbleeding-uterine, hemorrhoids, stomach.