Thyme – sacrificer incense. Mother of thyme, wild thyme, thyme — all of these are the names of same plant, which is well-known to mankind for thousands years. In the ancient times, people used this herb as culinary spice, but it was also popular as powerful drug, the plant also was anagoge.

Thyme -a small perennial subshrub of Lamiaceae family. The plant forms small pieces of turf and has a strong aromatic flavor. Stemis reddish-brown, branched, creeping on the ground, ligneous, rooting in certain places, having many flowering and leafy thin short branches. Leaves are small, opposite, ovate or linear, greenish-grey in the bottom, dark-green in the top. The flowers are also small, usually pink, rarely reddish-purple

Thyme herb contains ether oil, containing thymol. In addition, the herb has flavonoids, triterpene, thymun (0.05%), ursolic, oleo, caffeic, chlorogenic, quinineacids, amarines, resins, tannins, saponins, mineral salts.Thyme has antispasmodic and disinfectant antiseptic expectorant properties. It is used as sedative for insomnia or neurosis, nervous and cardiovascular system dysfunctions,lungs and bronchi diseases.

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  • Dear customers, we are informing you, that in 2016 we changed the packaging of multiherbal oil «Kyzyl may».
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  • The Victory Day action by FitOleum! Dear Veterans of the Great Patriotic War we would like to present you a gift with multiherbal oil “Kyzylmay”, multiherbal oil “Shukir May” and phyto-tea ” Vitamin”.
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  • LLP «FitOleum» is one of the first domestic manufacturers that obtained termless license for the original medicinal product – «Kyzyl May» multyherbal oil
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  • 2015 year – implementation of the standard HACCP «Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point». Requirements for all organisations in the chain of production and consumption of food products”.
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  • September 25, 2015was the day of official ceremony to open the 12th Kazakh International Public Health Exhibition Astana Zdorovie 2015 under officials and medicinal community participation.
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