Dear friends, we have good news!

Three years of hard work on the effective functioning, monitoring, improvement and improvement of the pharmaceutical quality system of GMP brought results and we reaffirmed our compliance with the GMP Good Manufacturing Practice requirements.

We produce high-quality, safe and effective herbal medicines Kyzyl May polyphyte oil, Kyzylmay suppositories and each employee of our team carry out their work with great responsibility and love for their work! Therefore, sincere joy and pride in their work was felt by each member of the FitOleum team. We launched balloons into the sky with wishes for success and achieving our goals! We are one team! And we are professionals! With love to our customers, we wish you health, happiness, good luck, sunny days and a blue sky for every person on planet Earth! We will constantly go forward and constantly improve our pharmaceutical quality system to provide the population of our republic and the whole world with affordable and high-quality medicines!