«FitOleum» – 25 years for the benefit of the health

Presentation of personalized cups to the best employees of our company!

In honor of the anniversary, the company’s management awarded commemorative inscribed cups to the best employees.

ANNIVERSARY OF THE COMPANY. FitOleum – 25 years for the benefit of health!

25 years in the pharmaceutical market of Kazakhstan. For twenty-five years, our products serve their people, bring health, joy and solar energy. For us, these are years of hard work, improving the quality of our products, creating the image of our company and our Kyzyl May brand.

For us, this is a capital date. But we are sure that we will be 30, 50 … 100 years old. We hope that you, our customers, need us, we hope that our products help you to improve your health, and we assure you that every year we will expand our range, and we promise you that our products will always be for you at affordable prices . And you, in turn, going to the pharmacy, give preference to us, the domestic manufacturer, because we have already won your trust. WE ARE 25 YEARS OLD!