Advices and warnings

Cucumbers perfectly cool and soothe the skin, especially under eyes.

If you have blackheads on a face or you just want to open porus before spreading on a scrub, soak a part of a towel with hot water and put it to a face. Acted wisely, don’t use boiled water in order not to burn a face.

The homemade scrub should be used within 1-2 weeks as you use natural ingredients for its medical product that spoil quickly.

Add lavender, lemon or another essential oil to any scrub, so you will also carry out an aromatherapy session.

For clarifying and a tonifying of a facial skin and body it is recommended to use the salt or sugar mixed with cream, vegetable oils or honey.

Honey has a good moisturizing and antibacterial quality.

Calendula extends the tonifying, soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory effect.

Sugar has the softening and cleansing action

Herbal tea protects the skin from the free radical attack

When using a scrub for the first time it is necessary to run a sensitivity test. For this purpose spread on a small amount of scrub on a wrist and leave for 30 min., then wash away. At onset of adverse effects and other reactions, the using should be stopped

Grains of salt can injure the skin; the salt can be used in peeling products only in the dissolved condition.

The dryer your skin, so much the less has to be abrasive components, and for hypersensitive skin it is better not to use salt and sugar scrubs at all not in order not to injure skin coverings.