Motherwort plant is well-known in Russia for long centuries, since 1485. In 17th century motherwort herb was described in herbalist as palpitations remedy and herb assisting to treat cough. Motherwort was planted under the windows, and at monastery’ and university gardens to make its use fast and easy.

Motherwort-a perennial plant with square cross-section stems covered with short hairs and belongs to Labiatae family. It has branched stem of 50 to150 cm, sometimes up to 200 cm height. The upper leaves are plain, oblong-rhombic shape, slightly pubescent, dark green upside, and light green downside. The leaves located at stem beginning have plates with wedge-shaped lobes, directed forward, with three or five partitions, big saw-shaped edges.

Motherwort is rich with alkaloids, essential oils, tannins, which have astringent, styptic, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory properties. It contains organic acids (tartaric, ursolic, coumarin, apple, citric, etc.), ascorbic acid, mineral salts. Motherwort has sedative action. It is used in case enhanced nervous irritability, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue. Motherwort is of great importance for cardiovascular system illnesses treatment and prevention.