Sandthorn – Golden Fleece mother. Sandthorn is the real long-liver of the Earth. According to scientists, its age is about 24 million years. Sandthorn is one of few herbs providing comprehensive and effective impact on the entire body.

Sea Buckthorn belongs to plant genus of Elaeagnaceae family. It is thorn bush reaching up to six meters height. It has narrow leaves on short petioles, green upside and grayish downside. The fruits are spherical, up to 5-6mm diameter, perching on the branch.

Sea buckthorn oil contains big amounts of such biologically active substances as carotenoids, E, K, C, B group vitamins, amino acids, phytosterols, fatty acids, phospholipids, flavonoids (kaempferol, quercetin, andisorhamnetin, rutin), organic acids (salicylic, tartaric, malic, oxalic, succinic), triterpene acids(olean, ursolic), tannin, volatile, coumarins, pectin, macro- and microelements (calcium, iron, magnesium, nickel, silicon, molybdenum and others.

Sandthorn oil is recommended as anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent, it stimulates regenerative processes in the soft tissues, including liver cells. Oil has soothing and healing effect. Sea buckthorn oil is especially effective in stomach and duodenum ulcers treatment. Oil is used as a vitamin remedy for hypovitaminosis and vitamins deficiency, radiation injuries of the body, as preventive measure to reduce mucous membranes of esophagus and stomach generative changes. In gynaecology it is used for coleitis, endoservicitis and cervical erosion treatment. Sea buckthorn oil is an excellent beauty aid as it contains a unique multivitamin complex of the rare variety of polyunsaturated acids (“youth factor”), A, F, E, K vitamins.