Ear-nose-throat diseases in children

The application of Kyzyl May Polyherbal oil® in diseases of ENT- organs in children.

E.R. Goncharova, N.I. Karaketova, B.R Rymzhanov., R.G. Khalitova, B.S. Sharipova
Department of children’s ENT diseases at Kazakh Physicians’ Continuing Education Institute

Department of children’s ENT diseases within 4 years is engaged in application and introduction Kyzyl May Polyherbal oil in practice of health care.

Influence of polyherbal oil on fabrics and mucous membranes is specific, thanks to expressed anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Besides, its immunostimulating and polyvitaminic intervention is of clinical practice interest. Thanks to the fine soaking-up ability of mucous membranes of ENT organs (especially in children) these qualities of polyherbal oil are widely used by us at local treatment of ENT organs’ pathology, And in the presence of pediatric ENT diseases just local treatment gets the increasing value as traditional methods of treatment (antibiotics, sulfonamides) compromised themselves enough with allergic reactions, fungal damages of mucous membranes. At the same time Kyzyl May Polyherbal oil is rather a cheap medical product, available in pharmacy chain to patients with small income.

The redeeming feature is the fact that using polyherbal oil we didn’t note allergic reactions in spite of the fact that the medical product consists of oily extracts of hypericum flowers, sea-buckthorn fruits, flowers, hips, fruits of brier, roots of licorice, thyme, common balm and grass of nettle.

We applied polyherbal oil to 211 children with various ENT’s pathology:

  • rhinitis atrophic – 28;
  • A.R.V.I.- 38;
  • chronic tonsillitis – 46;
  • acute quinsy – 23;
  • pharyngitis – 46;
  • laryngitis – 44;
  • tracheitis 32.

We determined that the analgesic effect is considerably showed while using polyherbal oil. It is recommended to take the oil into a mouth (1 teaspoon) and to hold in within 3-5 minutes in case of acute quinsy and A.R.V.I. Then oil can be swallowed. It is necessary to carry out such manipulation 3-4 times per day. The local phenomena of an inflammation remit, pains that children suffer especially hard at acute quinsy regress. We recommend oiling a nose threshold (mucous membrane) in case of A.R.V.I., and instilling 3-5 drops of oil in a nose 3-4 times per day. Use of Polyherbal oil reduces treatment terms to 2-3 days and at its use during the first hours the disease process more often gets an abortive course. It should be noted that effect of Kyzyl May upon micro flora of nose cavity took place in 23 patients when inoculation for nasal micro flora was seeded.

Treating chronic tonsillitis we applied Polyherbal oil locally (oiled almonds once a day and gargled 1 teaspoon of oil – once a day). The treatment course lasted 10 days. Within 2 years we had controlled children and revealed reduction of frequency and severity of quinsy, and it was marked that quinsy stopped in 18 patients. It is possible to recommend the application of polyherbal oil in the form of inhalation in case of A.R.V.I., chronic tonsillitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis. In case of cough which accompanies A.R.V.I., pharyngitis, laryngitis and tracheitis (of infectious character) 0, 5 tea spoon after a fit of coughing within 4-5 days are recommended.

In case of treating auricle’s burns, wounds of post aural area, a gauze bandage largely moistened by Polyherbal oil was applied on the cleared surface. The bandages were changed every other day. The use of polyherbal oil is especially effective at burns of dentofacial area, pain decreases quickly and there are no rough hems.

The use of polyherbal oil was rather successful at patients after tracheotomy. There are no rough hems after the use of polyherbal oil, and the reactive effects are expressed at minimum.

Thus, the application of polyherbal oil in clinical practice of the children’s ENT SPECIALIST is justified. In 1994 Department of children’s ENT diseases held the conference of children’s ENT SPECIALIST’S of Almata on experience exchange of polyherbal oil application in city policlinics involving the associate professor G. P. Pavelkovskaya. At conference children’s ENT SPECIALISTS marked with satisfaction a positive effect of polyherbal oil at local use and lack of complications.