About effects in clinic of phthisiology of polyherbal oil “Kyzyl May”.

T. B. Bekenov, Sh. Sh. Ismailov, V. I. Firsov
Kazakh research and development establishment of tuberculosis

Polyherbal oil (PFM) was used for treatment of acute and chronic nonspecific laringo-pharyngitises and follicular anginous in clinic of phthisiology. The medical product is used in the form of ablution of the changed mucic throat, gorge, amygdale and mucous of a nose, as a result of this, there was observed the fast reduction of hyperemia, hypostasis and infiltration. The pain syndrome was stopped; mucous was cleared by a fibrin accretion. To treatment by this medical product there were subjected 14 patients with infectious diseases of the upper airways. In all patients there were mentioned the reduction of terms of treatment by mean of 5-6 days in comparison with control group of patients to whom were applied the conventional methods of therapy.

This medical product was used for treatment of pyogenic postoperative wounds in clinic of a thorac phtiziosurgery in 9 patients. Thus in 2 patients the wound infection developed in connection with diabetes mellitus. Polyherbal oil was spread on a wound surface in the form of applications and in the form of tampons once a day.

As a result of use of a medical product is noted the fast clarification of a wound surface from a pyogenic detritus and necrotic masses. The growth of granulations was considerably speeding up, there was a fast epithelialization. In general the application of PFM allowed reducing terms of healing of wounds on 5-7 days in comparison with the control group of patients.

In sum it should be noted that the medical product “Kyzyl may” can be widely used in treatment of patients with septic wounds and at acute and chronic diseases of upper airways in the form of local administration.