ENT pathology

Medical effect of Polyherbal oil Kyzyl May in some pathological processes of the ENT’s organs.

S.Sh. Baimakanova, R.B. Ibrayeva, nR.N. Esenaliyeva
Department of ENT diseases (Head – professor S.Sh. Baimakanova) at Kazakh Physicians’ Continuing Education Institute.

Kyzyl May is oily extract of 7 medicinal plants which have differently directed effects in its basis, that is why this medical product is recommended at quite a wide range of diseases according to the instruction.

However, judging by those indications which are listed in the ENT SPECIALIST’S diseases, specification of pathological process by nature, development the methodology of its application and an objective assessment of its clinical efficiency seems to be expedient. Any our expert knows that there exist not only acute, sub acute and chronic forms, but also depending on character of a morphological substrate – there are atrophic, sub-atrophic, hyperplastic, vasomotorial, allergic forms etc. And for certain, undifferentiated use of Kyzyl May at the specified processes can lead to decline of its popularity among the population in connection with insufficient efficiency at a number of pathological states.

Therefore a problem of the real scientific and practical conference is to give a real practical assessment of positive and negative characteristics of polyherbal oil at various pathological processes, its concentration, a dosage, and a concrete technique of application. Besides, specialists in pharmacology should certainly think over variations of formula Kyzyl May concerning the specific weight of various medicinal plants depending on a purpose of its application (in case of the ENT SPECIALIST pathologies, diseases of gastrointestinal tract, nephros, etc.).

In this message we want to share experience of using polyherbal oil in the ENT SPECIALIST practice.

Treatment of pharyngitis is of the greatest interest because owing to climatic geographical conditions of Kazakhstan it is widely spread among the population.

It seems to be harmless as for the prognosis but this disease is marked not only by feeling of tickle, feeling of foreign matter in gorge and other discomfort phenomena in swallowing, but iatrogenesis development also exists before possible cancer growth.

Experience of treatment of 12 patients with follicular pharyngitis was carried out by oiling mucous membrane of a throat with polyherbal oil, it officially showed that this technique strengthens feeling of discomfort in swallowing, swelling of granules and feeling unwell and in some cases even strengthening of mucous membrane edema was observed. Due to it, it is expedient to attenuate official extract of polyherbal oil one to one with any other apathetic vegetable oil (olive, citral etc.).

In case of atrophic and sub-atrophic processes of the back of the throat it is expedient to attenuate one to two (polyherbal oil and the above mentioned apathetic vegetable oils). Thus instillation in a nose is more effective in position of the patient lying on a back as there are conditions for spreading and oiling pharyngonasal cavity and back of a throat.

In case of hyperplastic laryngitis Kyzyl May doesn’t give a positive effect of throat’s injections and inhalations, moreover it can be complicated by a laryngospasm due to mucous membrane tickle, therefore expediency of its use at this pathology is very problematic.

In case of sub-atrophic and atrophic processes in a throat, it is better to apply the attenuated medical product Kyzyl May in the form of US-inhalation or injection, without misapplying in number of procedures (i.e. no more than 5-7). (It is caused by the fact that any oil, getting into tracheobronchial tree and partially alveolus, settles in interstitial fiber influencing its further functional full value and even can cause lipogranuloma).

In relation to pathology of nose cavity it should be mentioned that Kyzyl May has positive impact on sub-atrophic and atrophic processes, when use it correctly attenuated. Thus clinical monitoring showed expediency of its use in case of the ventral dry rhinitis that is followed by small nasal bleedings of Risselbakh’s zone.

Concluding this message, it is possible to consider Kyzyl May certainly as the medicine deserving ENT SPECIALISTS’ attention.