Using of polyherbal oil “Kyzyl May” by chronic tonsillitis treatment.

S. A. Taukeleva, R. B. Ibrayev, A. T. Nukutov
Department of ORT diseases of adults of Kazakh Physicians’ Continuing Education Institute (head – prof. Baymakanov S. Sh., h. doctor 2 of city clinical hospital Tolendiyev T. T.)

The problem of chronic tonsillitis, in view of its medical and social significance, is a major focus of interest of otolaryngologists many decades, but still it must be admitted that in a tonzillar problem are highlighted not all key points. It is caused by discoveries of the last years with regard to immunobiology of palatal tonsils and revision of pathogenesis of chronic tonsillitis that in turn brought about changes of many statements in a choice of modality of chronic tonsillitis. So, went into a nosedive the indications to operating resection of palatal tonsils and the idea of tonsils surgery is represented already absolutely archaic occurring in due time with the routine purpose. Meanwhile, the number of patients with chronic tonsillitis keeps high, from 15% to 30% according to different authors (N. B. Soldatov, 1975; A. E, Vernigora, 1982; V. A. Pona, 1990).

Tonsillectomy alternative is a conservative therapy that is still used still insufficiently wide, rather less often than should. An actual problem of otorhinolaryngology is the development of the new nonconventional techniques of conservative treatment of chronic tonsillitis having ethiopathogenetic effect on cause-effect parts of chronic tonsillitis pathogenesis.

In our opinion, one of such medical product meeting these requirements is the polyherbal oil possessing varies action through the multicomponent structure that, in turn, corresponds to the main ethiopathogenetic moments in process and the course of immunopathogenesis of chronic tonsillitis. In particular, to violations in system of tissue immunity, failure of specific and nonspecific resistance at the level of a limphoepithelial barrier with regard to a function unit of a tonsil – crypto-lymphon that leads to the raised content of opportunistic flora of crypt surface, to decrease in regenerative processes with regard to an epithelium of lacunae, degenerative changes of lymphoid tissues etc. Consequently, the polyherbal oil possessing the immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory, regenerative action can be applied with success by chronic tonsillitis treatment, taking into account some specific features of treatment.

In particular, we recommend using the medical product in rather high degree of dilution – 10% solution. The practice showed that high concentration of a medical product is hard tolerated by some patients, up to the emergence of local inflammatory reaction.

Besides, one of the requirements of conservative therapy of chronic tonsillitis, is the prolongation action of medical product that can be achieved by means of medication stickiness as the official medical product of polyherbal oil doesn’t meet these requirements. We used a formula where as a vehicle was added lanolin to 50% of composition and 40% – any apathetic oil – vaseline, sunflower, corn, olive. Such composition of the proposed mix allows receiving necessary medical product ropiness as more thick concentration leads to the retantion in lacunae and their possible blocking that is an undesirable effect. Besides, the proposed composition is easily tolerated by patients, has pleasant and rather effective effect.

The essence of a technique consists in prewashing of lacunae by any aseptic solution and after mechanical removal of pathological contents of lacunae – (tyroid bungs, pathological secret, liquid purulence), the proposed mix is inserted in each lacuna by a laryngeal syringe through a special adjutage, till the appearance of a drop of medical product in the next lacuna.

Our experience allows maintaining that such application methodology of polyherbal oil by chronic tonsillitis treatment is rather effective and the use of a pure oil medical product neither for intake to lacunae, nor for simple anointing of tonsils is inappropriate.