Sunflower oil

Sunflower motherland is the south of North America. Scientists have found sunflower seeds when digging ancient Indians, lived about 2-3 thousand years ago. They have sacred sunflower and worship edit. Indians used grind sunflower seeds as a flour, it is also assumed that have found the way to extract oil from the seeds and use it to bake bread and in cosmetic purposes.

Sunflower arrives to Europe in 16th century together with Spanish conquerors being back home. At the end of 18th century Russian academician Severgin was writing that sunflower seeds which are perfect food for the birds can be used to extract oil and to make coffee. Later on, in 1779, “Of sunflower seeds oil extraction” paper was published in academician yearbook.

Sunflower oil contains vegetable oils, fatty acids, А, D and Е vitamins. Even famous olive oil has 12 times less Е vitamin than sunflower one.

Sunflower oil enhances immune system and decreases cancer development risks, it also reduces cholesterol amount in food stuff. Brain and cardiovascular system function better provided sunflower oil is taken.