Licorice oil

Licorice oil, oil extract

Anti-inflammatory, expectorant, immunostimulating agent
  • 100% natural product.
    No preservatives or colorants
  • For use internally, on the skin and mucosa
  • 6 application options
  • For adults and children from 3 years old
  • Clinically proven effectiveness
  • GMP guarantee of safety and quality


Licorice oil, oil extract – a herbal medicine from the company Fitoleum.

Licorice roots contain the following biologically active substances: glycyrrhizin, glycyrrhizic acid, flavonoids such as liquiritin, isoquiritin, liquiritosides, carbohydrates, organic acids, steroids, tannins, essential oils, coumarins.

Release form: 50 ml / 100 ml

What is it used for

In inflammatory diseases of the bronchopulmonary system

Bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis.

In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Gastritis, gastric ulcer and 12-duodenal ulcer.

For proctological diseases

Inflammation of the rectum, hemorrhoids.

For skin diseases

Dermatitis, dermatosis, eczema, wounds.

In diseases of the musculoskeletal system

Rheumatism, arthritis.

In the treatment of diseases accompanied by reduced immune protection

Recommended as a restorative vitamin remedy.

Licorice extract

The original technology of Licorice oil production allows you to extract and preserve biologically active components from plants, and provide: anti-inflammatory, expectorant, immunostimulating, wound healing, and antioxidant effects.


* plants are collected in ecologically clean areas of the TRANS-ili Alatau during the maximum accumulation of pharmacologically active substances.


Indications for use

As part of complex therapy for:

  • bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis,
  • gastritis, gastric ulcer and 12-duodenal ulcer,
  • inflammation of the rectum, hemorrhoids,
  • dermatitis, dermatosis, eczema, wounds,
  • rheumatism, arthritis,
  • with reduced immunity.

Method of application and dosage

Take orally to children from 3 to 7 years old – ½ teaspoon 4 times a day; older than 7 years and adults – 1 teaspoon 4 times a day for 15-20 minutes before eating. The course of treatment is 10-14 days.

With hemorrhoids, fissures and inflammations of the rectum, they are administered as microclysters of 10 ml once a day (after preliminary cleansing of the intestine), a course of 10-20 procedures.

With dermatitis, dermatoses, eczema, wounds, lubricate the affected areas 2-3 times a day. The course of treatment is 10-14 days.

Side effects

In rare cases: itching, burning, hyperemia. With the appearance of adverse effects and other reactions, the drug should be discontinued.


  • hypersensitivity to the components of the drug

Drug interactions

Not established.

Special instructions

Pregnancy and lactation period:

  • During pregnancy and lactation, use as directed by a doctor.

Feature effect on the ability to drive vehicles and potentially dangerous mechanisms:

  • Does not affect.


Does not identified.

Storage conditions

Store in a dry, dark place at a temperature not exceeding 25°C. Shake well before using! Keep out of reach of children!


2 years.
Shelf life after opening is 30 days.
After the expiration date, do not apply.

Pharmacy purchasing terms

Available without prescription.

Why Fitoleum?

The company Fitoleum is the first manufacturer of the original medicinal product - Kyzyl may oil.
For 32 years in the market of Kazakhstan. Millions of packages sold and hundreds of reviews and thanks from our dear customers.
The company's products undergo clinical trials, have a 100% natural composition, without preservatives and dyes.
The production is located in the ecologically clean foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau in the city of Esik.
The company operates according to the GMP standard (Good manufacturing practice). We guarantee the safety and quality of our products!
We are moving towards full-cycle organic production, ensuring continuous improvement in the quality of our products.