How to insert suppositories properly?

If you have never used suppositories before or want to be sure that they are used correctly, this article will help you figure out how to insert suppositories properly.

Suppositories are bullet-shaped medications for rectal (i.e. through the anus into the rectum) or vaginal administration. It is used for local exposure in pathologies of the pelvic organs (hemorrhoids, cystitis, etc.). Unlike the oral method, suppositories bypass the gastrointestinal tract, which allows the drug to have a faster and more effective effect on inflammation.

What you need to know?

  1. Suppositories melt at body temperature. They should be stored in a dry place at a temperature not exceeding 18 °C, it is better in the refrigerator. Open and remove the suppository immediately before the administration procedure.
  2. There are rectal and vaginal suppositories. About the possibilities of using suppositories for certain diseases should be read in the instructions for the drug. For example, our company Fitoleum produces 3 types of suppositories: Fitoleum Kyzylmay, Fitoleum Kyzylmay with propolis, Fitoleum Sandthorn with Kyzylmay. All of them can be used both rectally and vaginally.
  3. Be sure to read the composition and instructions inside the package. Make sure that you are not allergic to the components. If you have any doubts, contact your doctor.

How to use suppositories?

how to insert suppositories Fitoleum Kyzylmay
  1. Since the suppositories melt at body temperature and may soon flow out, prepare for the fact that for greater effectiveness, you will need to be in a lying position for at least 20 minutes. This is why suppositories are often used before bedtime. Use a pad or napkin to avoid soiling your underwear.
  2. Visit the toilet and make hygiene procedures without using soap and other detergents, only water.
  3. Manipulations are performed with your hands, so wash them thoroughly or use a fingertip or glove.
  4. Tear off or cut off the package with one suppository.
  5. To open the package, pull the “ears” in different directions from the sharp end of the suppository, as shown in the picture.
  6. Depending on the disease, slowly insert the suppository (sharp end) into the anus or vagina as deep as possible. It is more convenient for someone to do this while lying on their side, while others are standing up, placing one foot on a chair and crouching slightly.
  7. That’s all. Take a lying position. The suppository will melt and be absorbed. After you get up, remove the excess with a napkin or warm water.

Frequently asked questions

Does it hurt to insert the suppository rectally/vaginally?

No, it shouldn’t hurt. The size of the suppository is usually less than even the little finger of the hand. In addition, for example, suppository Fitoleum Kyzylmay containing oil Kyzyl may, which makes the process of administration easier and less painful.

Suppositories are flowing out. Is this normal? What’s the point if they flow out?

The meaning of using suppositories is that the medicine contained in them, passed the digestive system, retained its properties and concentration, and as soon as possible had a local effect and gave a therapeutic effect.

It is normal that they flow out, and not completely absorbed, because they include wax. As a result of the administration of the suppository, the medicine is absorbed, and the wax, which melts at body temperature, is not absorbed by the mucosa and goes out. That is why it is recommended to use pads during the procedure, and for the first 20 minutes after administration, take a horizontal position – so that everything does not immediately flow out and the medicine is absorbed.

Should I do a cleansing enema before administration the suppository?

Before inserting the suppository into the anus, it is necessary to perform defecation. If the patient does not manage to spontaneously empty the intestines, then an enema should be used.

How long to walk with a suppository inside? Do I need to pull it back out?

“Walk” is not worth it. It is better to be in a lying position for at least 20 minutes after the administration of the suppository. Also, the suppository can be inserted before bedtime and “leave” inside for the whole night. There is no need to get it back – it will melt, and the excess will flow out.

Can I insert suppositories during my period?

If the instructions for the drug do not contain contraindications or other comments about the use of suppositories during menstruation, then you can.

Can I use suppositories during pregnancy?

Depends on the drug. Read the instruction, it must indicate this item. For example, suppositories Fitoleum Kyzylmay can be used during pregnancy and lactation.

Is an allergic reaction to suppositories possible?

Yes. As with any medicinal product, in the instructions there is a paragraph about possible side effects. Read them, as well as learn about contraindications, overdose and interaction with other drugs. If side effects are detected, the use of suppositories should be discontinued, and you should consult a doctor.

Can children use suppositories?

Age restrictions are usually specified in the instructions for the drug. In other cases, you should consult a doctor to prescribe a course of treatment and dosage of the drug.