Burdock oil with chamomile extract

It nourishes and protects hair, restores the healthy structure of the scalp, prevents dandruff.

From ancient times burdock root is known as an effective remedy:

  • to enhance hair growth,
  • against hair loss,
  • against dandruff and seborrhea,
  • to improve the structure of nails.

Burdock oil contains natural inulin, protein, essential and fatty oils (palmitic and stearic acids, tannins, mineral salts and vitamins). It is a unique herbal activator, which has a beneficial therapeutic effect, containing no preservatives, flavors, dyes. Burdock oil without additives, as well as in combination with other herbal ingredients is an effective treatment and cosmetic product, which is widely used in this area. Surprisingly, but: Surprisingly, the unattractive at first glance, plant that we used to consider a weed, is a real depositary of biologically active substances, and they are contained in fantastically high concentrations. They are polysaccharide of inulin (up to 45%), essential (ether) oil (up to 18%), proteins (app. 12%), salts of potassium, calcium, magnesium, fatty acids, sulfur-containing compounds, tannins, flavonoids, iridoid glycosides, polyacetylene hydrocarbons, sitosterol, stigmasterol and bitter sesquiterpenic lactone.

Chamomile extract has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-allergic effect enhances regenerative processes in the skin cells; helps with oily seborrhea, dandruff, eczema. The flowers and leaves of chamomile contain essential oils, vitamin B, E, K, ascorbic acid, carotene, and others. The biologically active substances promote gentle cleansing and removal of irritation of the scalp, has wound-healing, restorative and calming effect on all types of hair.


  • 100 ml vials.

Special formula contains extracts of burdock and blue chamomile. Complex of biologically active substances nourishes and strengthens hair, restores healthy structure of the scalp, effective against dandruff.

For external use only.