Fitoleum Burdock oil with nettle extract

Fitoleum Burdock oil with nettle extract
  • 100% natural product.
    No preservatives or colorants
  • Nourishes, strengthens and protects hair
  • Restores the healthy structure of the scalp
  • Prevents dandruff formation
  • Made in Kazakhstan

Burdock oil contains natural inulin, protein, essential and fatty oils (palmitic and stearic acids, tannins, mineral salts and vitamins). It is a unique herbal activator, which has a beneficial therapeutic effect, containing no preservatives, flavors, dyes.

Believe it or not, the unattractive at first glance, plant that we used to consider a weed, is a real depositary of biologically active substances, and they are contained in fantastically high concentrations. They are polysaccharide of inulin (up to 45%), essential (ether) oil (up to 18%), proteins (app. 12%), salts of potassium, calcium, magnesium, fatty acids, sulfur-containing compounds, tannins, flavonoids, iridoid glycosides, polyacetylene hydrocarbons, sitosterol, stigmasterol and bitter sesquiterpenic lactone.

Burdock oil with nettle extract is medical cosmetic product for growth and strengthens of dry hair, helps to fight against hair loss and restores the hair structure. Biologically active substances contained in the nettles: vitamins C, A, E, C, B1, B2, E, H, formic acid, succinic and citric acids, tannins and minerals, which provide comprehensive medical and preventive effect.

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* plants are collected in ecologically clean areas of the TRANS-ili Alatau during the maximum accumulation of pharmacologically active substances.

Release form

100 ml

Special formula contains extract of burdock and nettle that:

  • nourishes and protects hair,
  • restores healthy structure of the scalp,
  • prevents the formation of dandruff,
  • improves the structure of nails.

For external use only.


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Fitoleum Burdock oil with nettle extract Instruction

Mode of application

Apply warm oil to the scalp and rub gently into the hair roots. Wrap the head with plastic wrap and a towel for warming. After 40-90 minutes, wash your hair in the usual way.


Individual intolerance, hypersensitivity to the components of the product.

Storage conditions

Store in a dry, dark place, out of the reach of children, at a relative humidity of no more than 75% and a temperature of no higher than 25 °C.

Why Fitoleum?

The company Fitoleum is the first manufacturer of the original medicinal product - Kyzyl may oil.
For 29 years in the market of Kazakhstan. Millions of packages sold and hundreds of reviews and thanks from our dear customers.
The company's products undergo clinical trials, have a 100% natural composition, without preservatives and dyes.
The production is located in the ecologically clean foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau in the city of Esik.
The company operates according to the GMP standard (Good manufacturing practice). We guarantee the safety and quality of our products!
We are moving towards full-cycle organic production, ensuring continuous improvement in the quality of our products.