Burdock oil, oil extract

масло лопуха
Anti-inflammatory, diuretic, choleretic, antidiabetic, wound - healing, strengthening and enhancing hair growth agent.

Burdock oil, oil extract is an original medical product of plant origin. Complex of biologically active substances comprised in the burdock root (polysaccharide of inulin, broadcasting bardanovoe oil, protein, vitamins A, B-complex, C, E and F, mineral and tannins, flavonoids, polyacetylene hydrocarbons sitosterol stigmasteri, alkaloids, 18 amino acids, 26 fatty acid) has anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective liver tissue protection), glucose-lowering, healing wounds,  strengthening and enhancing hair growth effect.


  • 50 ml
  • 100 ml


Why Fitoleum?

The company Fitoleum is the first manufacturer of the original medicinal product - Kyzyl may oil.
For 28 years in the market of Kazakhstan. Millions of packages sold and hundreds of reviews and thanks from our dear customers.
The company's products undergo clinical trials, have a 100% natural composition, without preservatives and dyes.
The production is located in the ecologically clean foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau in the city of Esik.
The company operates according to the GMP standard (Good manufacturing practice). We guarantee the safety and quality of our products!
We are moving towards full-cycle organic production, ensuring continuous improvement in the quality of our products.